“Those with an appetite for old-world flair will find it in Lafayette at Pamplona Tapas Bar, building a strong Spanish aesthetic in every corner. Boasting only the freshest of ingredients and “timeless processes,” Pamplona prides itself on house-made syrups and tinctures.

The cocktail menu is extensive and includes limited-time offerings that reflect flavors of each passing season. But more extensive than the seasonal menu is its spread of faithful craft classics like the Manhattan and surprising twists on standards as with their Basil Pepper Lemon Drop.

What sets Pamplona apart from other cocktail bars in Louisiana is its focus on perhaps the most misunderstood spirit of all: absinthe. Pamplona’s team of mixologists dedicate an entire portion of the cocktail menu to the liquor. Absinthes from Switzerland, France, and the United States are found mixed with rums, gins, and ryes. The star among them is the bright and botanical Float On, a cocktail featuring Swiss Kübler Absinthe and St-Germain with orange blossom water and Cava.”

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