“The executive chef of Pamplona Tapas Bar recently became a partner in the restaurant, and that could mean big things for the downtown restaurant.

Kris Allen, 37, plans to grow the business, but he’s being vague about how.

“I just plan to expand within the current location to try to be bigger and better and maybe look at opportunities to see what we can do,” Allen said. “I would love to bring more jobs to the community and some fresh ideas here as well.”

Does that mean a larger location of the existing restaurant? No, according to Allen.

Does that mean a second location of Pamplona in the area or another market? Probably not.

“I’m looking at a different concept outside of that restaurant,” Allen said. “I can’t really talk about that right now. We haven’t really nailed it down yet, but we’ve got some ideas.”


Allen wouldn’t say much more about what the new concept will entail, but he did share a bit more about when and where it will happen.

“I would like to have something open in the next year,” Allen said. “That’s our goal. And definitely in Lafayette, in this community. That’s important to us. We could certainly expand to Houston or something and be successful, but that’s not what we want to do. We want to stay in this community.”

Allen has been at Pamplona for about five years.”

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